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Europe Politics Briefly @EuropePol_b
Commission expresses regret over von der Leyen’s video for Croatian partyhttps://t.co/ltaGPKFCTa #europe #politics
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RT @en_germany: 💙💛 What makes #Europe so precious and what role does it play in the everyday lives of Europeans? We collected some opinions…

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Morbus Gallicus @Romanus68
[BLOG] Spécial Kosovo (2) La minorité catholique kosovare s’évertue à préserver son identité https://t.co/8aNuN1Ic91 par Alain Guillemoles pour @LaCroix #ukraine #europe #journalisme #celsa
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Transparent @grannyclear
RT @AlexKokcharov: In a #Vienna suburb, #Austria, unidentified individual(s) killed a political asylum seeker Mamikhan Umarov, who was a pr…